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Indian Rock Cycads & Palms



Ceratozamia, Cycas, Dioon, Encephalartos, Lepidozamia, Macrozamia, Stangeria, Zamia


Acoelorraphe, Allagoptera, Archontophoenix, Arenga, Beccariophoenix, Bismarckia, Brahea, Butia, Caryota, Chamaedorea, Chambeyronia, Coccothrinax, Copernicia, Dypsis, Howea, Jubaea, Livistona, Nannorrhops, Parajubaea, Phoenix, Pritchardia, Ravenea, Rhapidophyllum, Rhapis, Rhopalostylis, Sabal, Serenoa, Syagrus, Trachycarpus, Trithrinax, Wallicia, Washingtonia

Trees and others

Agave, Enterolobium, Hibiscus miniature,  Schizolobium parahybum--a mimosa-like tree for perfect canopy, Strelitzia reginae juncea   

Kentiopsis oliviformis

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What is best? Visit our nursery, see these plants for yourself and see the mature plants we have in our own collection. You can tour our nursery alone without any pressure from us. You can then make the best decision. 

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