In-Ground Cycads -- Horridus


Encephalartos horridus, 55 each having 10"-13" caudexes that have been grown in full southern sun exposure. Extremely blue. Many have offsets (termed "pups") that are tennis ball to baseball size that can easily be split off and planted to produce a new 5 gallon plant in a container in a very short time, typically 6 months compared to growing a horridus seedling to 5 gallon size in 5 years. Smaller horridus costing less are available in the 150 Patch.  The E. horridus has deep, carrot-like roots and may need to be placed into a deep container, but the typical nursery container is only 15" to 17" deep.  If the plan is to plant it into the ground, then it will be dug, wrapped with wet burlap, and you can plant it directly into the chosen location. 

Suggestion for those who keep plants in containers: 1) Get two 15 gallon containers, cut the bottom out of one, place it into the uncut container about halfway down, tape in place with duct tape, fill with light cycad mix (see my Soil Article) to hold this E. horridus.  The is the poor man's way to get a deep pot. 2) Visit Home Depot, Lowe's or Walmart and find a fiberglass deep planter (with drainage holes) of your choice.  There are also specialty shops having Mexican/Aztec terra cotta/ceramic flower pots that may be  expensive but very colorful.