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Redlands Collection at Indian Rock


Indian Rock Cycads and Palms is assisting a couple in Redlands, CA in selling their collection of specimen cycads that they have grown in the ground for 22 years.  We have grown our cycads here for 20-25 years so we are experienced with cycad care from cone, to seed, to seedling, to 1 gallon on up, then growing them in-the-ground. 

Our conceptual contribution has been to suggest a competitive selling price (because we know the market very well), develop a comprehensive inventory list with high definition photos, and then direct interested customers to these owners in order that the sale can be settled. 

Our hands-on contribution has been to dig these cycads using our "Soil Wrap" technique leaving a protective wrap of soil around the root base.  A special tripod with hand-operated winch is used to extract the cycad from its trenched, wetted location.  We carefully inspect the roots and, if required, protect them with fungicide and spur growth with root hormone.  These cycads are then placed in the appropriate container with Greatsoil LLC proprietary soil for cycads.  When this is done these cycads are ready to be planted in the ground immediately or to stay in this container for years.  

You are invited to view these cycads at our nursery.


Redlands Collection here at Indian Rock  









Caudex Size


Flat Price



23   Encephalartos arenarius blue, new flush 10"w, 5.5"h   $1,650   available
24   Encephalartos arenarius blue 13"w, 7"h   $2,150   available
86   Encephalartos caffer "Humansdorp" 5.5"w,  4"h rare $850   available
73   Encephalartos longifolius gray 6"w, 3"h 3" offset $1,275   available
25   Encephalartos msinganus 9.5"w. 7"h   $1,000   available
82   Encephalartos turneri, hardened flush 4.5"w, 3"h, 39"tall rare $750   available
19   Encephalartos latifrons Trapps Valley 10.5"w, 5"h extremely rare $8,000   available
    You wonder, "Wow, why is this cycad so expensive?"
1) the latifrons is in the top three of all cycads in the world
2) typically $1000. per caudex inch, this 27 year old 10.5" latifrons is priced low at $8000.
3) go to Google and ask the question "what is the most expensive cycad?"
4) because it is worth it; it is a dazzling, robust, specimen cycad  
22   Encephalartos arenarius blue 8.5"w, 3"h   $1,400   SOLD!
78   Encephalartos cupidus 4"w, 2.5"h extremely rare $1,200   SOLD!
75   Encephalartos eugene-maraisii 4.5"w, 3"h   $950   SOLD!
4   Encephalartos ferox 10"w, 6.5"h   $600   SOLD!
87   Encephalartos friderici-guilielmi 'Freddy' 10"w, 6"h rare $1,131   SOLD!
18   Encephalartos horridus 15"w, 9.5"h   $1,800   SOLD!
35   Encephalartos latifrons  10.5"w, 7.5"h extremely rare $7,000   SOLD!
80   Encephalartos middelburgensis 10.5"w, 9"h extremely rare $3,000   SOLD!
34   Encephalartos princeps 16"w, 22.5"h extremely rare $4,250   SOLD!
76   Encephalartos turneri 7"w, 3"h rare $1,150   SOLD!
    Only 7 left!  Come and get yours.   Total sold $22,481    


Here are photos of before dig and after 6 month's hooking up

May 2021, prior to dig


November 2021, 6 months after dig, fully hooked up, new flush! 

Encephalartos arenarius blue, 10"W, 5.5"H