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1 May 2002

The Palomar College Grounds.   Perhaps you didn’t realize it but your Publicity Chairperson, Phil Morgan (who introduced me to the Palm Society in 1995), is largely responsible for the palm plantings at Palomar College and they’re lucky to have his talent and experience.  When I was filling out the PSSC membership form at Balboa Park he suggested that I visit Palomar to get an idea of the different types of palms that would grow at my location in Escondido, only a few miles away.  I spent a whole afternoon walking the grounds, savoring each palm.  Of course, it has grown considerably since then. The palms he chose are necessarily hardy because of the location and the fact they would receive minimal care from grounds people.  Many of the ‘well-suited’ palms presented by Jim Wright can be found right here at Palomar.  Are you a new member?  If so, the palms here can give you plenty of ideas how to start your garden.  Besides the kind of palms, one must consider where they might be situated and how they may be grouped.  When I started my palm garden, there was always the perplexing, agonizing decision of whether to plant palms in a random manner (like Nature does it) or in straight rows (as found in commercial settings) or in tight groups.  I always reflected back to my visit to Palomar and remembered the type of palm and the interesting manner of grouping Phil chose.  As I have mentioned before, this is art, style or whatever you wish to call it.  It takes years for palms to mature and develop into their final form but Phil’s many years of experience enabled him to visualize which palms would go together, and it worked out nicely.  I like his choices.  This site is mentioned in our pamphlet, “Palms of Southern California” under ‘Palm Gardens to Visit’.  Make it a point to check out Palomar College the next time you are in the area.