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Rhapis "Alicia"
Rhapis laoensis x humilus


15 gallon size.

8 to 15 stems in the container. 

Around 4 to 6 feet tall.

Price $229.   


The Rhapis is an understory palm, best placed in a shaded patio or one with bright light reflected from a wall.  Direct sun will cause brown tipping.  It can do well indoors near a window, with indirect sun.  With this light the Rhapis will have shimmering green leaves and be perfect.

This particular cross was created by PSSC's (Palm Society of Southern California's) famous grower, Louie Hooper, and named after his beautiful granddaughter, Alicia.


5 gallon size, only 1 left.

4 to 10 stems in the container. 

Around 3 to 5 feet tall.

Price $59.       

This is an extraordinary price for a 12 year old plant.