Sale of the Year


Where: 28969 Mountain Meadow Road, Escondido, CA (see map)

When:  From now until February 2019, call for appointment


We offer a wide variety of hard-to-find, low-priced, fully acclimated cycads and palms.     


Full sun palms/cycads have been fully exposed to our outdoor Escondido weather for many years.  They are hardened against the sun and the cold (102 degrees in the summer and 29 degrees in the winter).  They can go into the ground immediately.


Plan to spend as much time as you want looking over our wide selection of palms and cycads.  There are many mature plants IN THE GROUND to help you imagine your new palm or cycad at your home.  See our hillside bank of African cycads.  Over 600 palms and cycads are in the ground.  You will find value and high quality.  We will be glad to answer any and all of your questions and instruct you where and how to place your plant. 


We accept credit cards.


Sale Prices:

Container Plants, 20% off all plants.  If total is over $1000. the discount is 30%.

In-Ground Plants, 30% off all in-ground plants if we dig these plants and 40% if you dig these in-ground plants.  Don't worry, we will be with you to assist.



Sale Specials:

Bismarkia nobilis, 20 gallon size, $89.

Brahea clara, 15 gallon size, $89.

Rhapis "Alicia", 3 gallon size, $25.

Cycas media, 4" to 4.5", 15 gallon size, $139.

Cycas thouarsii, 4" to 5", 15 gallon size, $120.

Dioon 'Jacala', 2" to 3", 5 gallon size, $75.

Dioon spinulosum, 4" to 8", 15 gallon size, $75.

Encephalartos ferox, 4" to 6", 5 gallon size, $75.

Encephalartos ferox, 12.5", 30 gallon size, $399.

Encephalartos villosus, 5" to 7", 15 gallon size, $225.

Zamia furfuracea, 4" coning, 5 gallon size, $60.

Zamia paucijuga, 3" to 4" coning, 5 gallon size, $85.

Zamia picta, 3" to 4", 5 gallon size, $89.