In-Ground Cycads -- 300 Patch

Our in-ground cycads have finally reached maturity and are ready to be sold. There are 3 large areas of in-ground cycads which we named 300 Patch, 150 Patch and Horridus Patch.  They were planted out as seedlings between 2005 and 2007. That's 11-13 years of growth in the ground in full Escondido sun; most are mature plants and are coning. These cycads are hardened against the sun and the cold; typically 85 degrees in the summer and 45 degrees in the winter, with very short periods of 102 degrees and 29 degrees, respectively. They can go into your ground immediately because they are vibrant and fully acclimated. These are truly "instant landscape" specimen cycads.

This is a portion of the 300 Patch cycads viewed from south to north.


This is a portion of the 300 Patch viewed from north to south.


There are 35 of these beautiful Encephalartos aemulans, with caudexes ranging from 12-16 inches, 6 feet tall.


There are 5 of these thick-leaved Encephalartos altensteinii, with caudexes ranging from 12-16 inches, 5 feet tall.


The Encephalartos concinnus, with caudexes ranging from 12-14, 5 feet tall.


A row of Encephalartos trispinosus, spineless.  All 16 plants have caudexes around 5-6 inches, 2 feet tall.  Exceedingly blue, same as the regular trispinosus except the leaves have virtually no barbs.  Reminiscent of the E. lehmanii.


There are 4 of these cup-shaped leafed Encephalartos turneri, with caudexes ranging from 10-13 inches, 5 feet tall.


There are 10 of these statuesque Encephalartos whitelockii, with caudexes ranging from 12-14 inches,6-8 feet tall.


Encephalartos sp (unknown species), 6 feet tall with a 14" caudex. This plant was part of the flat of E. aemulans seedlings planted but appears to be different. It is being reviewed to determine its species. Regardless, this cycad is the most majestic one in this 300 Patch. 


Cycas panzihuanensis, about 4 feet tall, 12-14 inches, Note the bare caudex to the left of the panzihuanensis to the right; it was heavily trimmed to remove older leaves and temporarily allow more room. Within 2 months this caudex came back in perfect shape with a new flush!


Cycas thouarsii, 5 each, about 6 feet tall, with 6" to 8" caudexes with stem length 17 inches. These cycads have long, smooth leaves with no barbs over most of its length, perfect along a sidewalk or walkway where people may brush against it.  Placed in full sun, this cycad remains deep green.


A row of Dioon califanoi. All 9 plants have caudexes around 4-9 inches, 2 feet tall.  This is the typical green-gray Dioon having the exceptionally distinct keel leaf (like the front bottom of a boat).  These are very slow-growing cycads, and if they were grown in a container that would have taken 20 years.