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Indian Rock Cycads and Palms

Kentiopsis oliviformis

Address:  28969 Mountain Meadow Road, Escondido, CA 92026

in Hidden Meadows, a special place within Escondido

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(760) 855-6557 Dave's cell phone

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email  L.Minks@sbcglobal.net


What is best? Visit our nursery, see these plants for yourself and see the mature plants we have in our own collection. You can tour our nursery with us or alone without any pressure. You can then make the best decision. 

Are you concerned about the cost?  We have a discount schedule based on total purchase price that makes your selection very affordable; click on the "Special Sale" tab.  And, we offer greater discounts for larger orders.

The following credit cards are accepted:  VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

Our Product Line


Ceratozamia, Cycas, Dioon, Encephalartos, Lepidozamia, Macrozamia, Zamia


Acoelorraphe, Archontophoenix, Arenga, Bismarckia, Brahea, Butia, Chamaedorea, Chamaerops humilus cerifera, Chambeyronia, Dypsis, Howea, Jubaea, Livistona, Nannorrhops, Parajubaea, Phoenix, Pritchardia, Ravenea, Rhapidophyllum, Rhapis, Sabal, Serenoa, Trachycarpus, Trithrinax

Trees and others

Aloidendron dichotomum (Quiver Tree), Amaryllis, Clivia, Enterolobium, Farfugium japonicum, Furcraea macdouglii, Hibiscus miniature, Jade, Philodendron, Plumeria, Staghorn, Strelitzia nicolai, Velthemia bractiata