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Our Growing Structures

40' x 40' Shadehouse McDaniels-built redwood structure with 50% shadecloth on the top and all sides.  About 1500 medium sized plants enjoying warmth without burning plus the shadecloth provides a windbreak against the dry winter air.  There is an additional 12' x 20' 50% shadehouse to the left.

24' x 60' Greenhouse McDaniels-built Conley coldframe with air-inflated dual film covering.  About 3000 small and medium sized plants with temperatures that range from 33 degrees F in the winter to 96 degrees F in the summer.  The flat area to the right has about 200 each 15 gallon plants, and to the right of that are 800 each 5 gallon plants on a 200 foot ramp.  The space up from the flat area contains about 300 cycads, planted in the ground (plants can grow 3 to 5 times faster in the ground than in pots).  There's another 150 cycads, planted in the ground that slopes away and down from the plants in containers.   

12' x 18' Greenhouse McDaniels-built Conley hobbyhouse with dual pane Lexan sheets for insulation, climate controlled with a swamp cooler for cooling in the summer.  It has held about 200 small plants and as many as 750 seedlings and 1500 seeds germinating.  As well, this greenhouse is used to "root out" cycads offsets.  Temperatures are kept below 96 degrees F in the summer.

Thriving plants!  Encephalartos whitelockii in the distant end, Zamia paucijuga in the middle, and Ceratozamia hildae and Sabal princeps in the foreground.  This picture was taken the summer of 2005 and, as you can imagine, all of these plants are now HUGE or they have been SOLD!