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Cycas panzihuanensis

This is a cycad from northern China.  Our customers report that it easily tolerates 16 degrees F temperature and prefers full sun.       

About 16 years old, these plants have been in the ground for 12 years.  Height of plant (with leaves) from soil line is 48”.  There are 5 of these available, very low priced.  The caudex width is 12” with a new flush.  The length of the caudex above soil line is 9” and length of subterranean root base is 15”, for a total of 24”.  Starting at the soil line, this cycad goes down the entire container distance, within 2 inches from the bottom.  This is a massive, mature cycad, and is what we call "instant landscape".  Truly a specimen. 

The Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, CA purchased one of these cycads from us for placement along a walkway where small children walk and may run, This cycad was chosen because it is devoid of spines, prickles or teeth that can injure.