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Where: 28969 Mountain Meadow Road, Escondido, CA (see map)

When:  From now until December 2019, call for appointment


We dug about 80 mature cycads February 2019 that had been growing since 2007, around 12 years in the ground from a 5 gallon plant about 3 years old, a total of 15 years.  About 10% had nicked roots and were rooted out in sterile perlite a minimum of 3 months, most for 6 months, then placed directly in Hanson's A-1 soil mix.  Those that came out blemish-free were placed directly in a container of this soil. 

These cycads are about 3 times larger than same species cycads that were grown in containers for the same period of time, 15 years.  All are exceptionally strong.  You can be assured that these cycads are fully acclimated--no need to "introduce" these plants to the sun.           


Plan to spend as much time as you want looking over our wide selection of palms and cycads.  There are many of our personal mature plants that were planted IN THE GROUND to help you imagine your new palm or cycad at your home.  See our hillside bank of African cycads.  Over 550 palms and cycads are in the ground.  You will find value and high quality.  We will be glad to answer any and all of your questions and instruct you where and how to place your plant. 


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Discount Schedule:


Sale, October-December 2019

  • Palms                                                                       as listed (priced very low)  

  • Cycads, all except Encephalartos horridus         30% discount

  • Encephalartos horridus                                        $70. per caudex inch