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Zamia sp. Mexico

Eighteen (18) years ago, my friend, the brilliant Felix Montes, M.D. of Nayarit state in western Mexico, gave me seeds for the Zamia sp. Mexico and the Zamia paucijuga.  No other grower in southern California grew these cycads so I was interested in how they would turn out.  The Zamia paucijuga quickly attained 5 gallon size with a 4" to 6" caudex, and essentially held that size, appearing to be a dark green, stiff, narrow-leaflet combination of Zamia furfuracea and Zamia loddigesii.  The Zamia sp. Mexico simply grew stems having minimal leaflets, and were not impressive at all, very disappointing.  Felix had hiked up a nearby, moderate elevation mountain and midway saw these cycads growing, obviously many, many years old, so he knew the story.  He saw how spectacular the Zamia sp. Mexico was and was anxious to share this with fellow growers in the US.  Well, after 18 years of growth here in sunny Escondido, my Zamia sp. Mexico finally put on her prom dress and decided to be beautiful.  The photo below is exactly where it has been growing for 18 years, having 41 stems within a 12" diameter area circle.  The leaflets are naturally pale green (not due to overexposure to the sun) and I anticipate that, like a new flush turns dark with time, will become a darker green.  This pale green leaflet is soft and at least 2 months old, so it is slow to darken.  Maybe it will hold this pale green color?  Anyhow, I am so thankful to Felix for introducing me to this special cycad.