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These articles were first published in past issues of the Palm Society of Southern California journal and are provided here with permission.  We highly recommend that you join this society to achieve the tropical or desert garden of your dreams.  The cost is very low, and there is never pressure to attend the meetings.  But we are sure that you will attend because that's where you'll see wonderful palms and cycads and get ideas of what you want and where you might be planting your specimen!  Once you join you'll be receiving extraordinary journals with fabulous color pictures of palms, and articles just like these.  Many of the writers are roll-up-their-sleeves palm lovers who started out just like you.  Simply stated, they planted palms and watched them grow.  Their articles are more along the line of "Experiences with....", with a distinct garden journal flavor and are not scientific.  They are not professional writers versed in every aspect of English but they are CRAZY about palms and you will get their message clearly.  Want to know more?  We have an esteemed author and technical editor, Don Hodel, a professor at University of California Davis, who writes the scientific, botanical view.  After a little experience you will rush to his articles to find out how to identify a particular palm, from the character of the seeds, the trunk, the leaves and get every known detail.  And you will have an opportunity to order past journals that cover a palm of your interest.  Go to "Our Favorite Websites" to get to the PSSC site--you will see everything you need to become a member of this great society.
Want to know more about cycads?  Purchase Loran Whitelock's book Cycads.  This an extraordinary book that covers about every aspect of cycads.  We refer to Loran's work constantly.  
Dave & Louise Minks

1 Oct 2006    Allagoptera arenaria
1 Jul 2006    Brahea clara
1 Jul 2005    Experiences with Phoenix palms
1 May 2004    Ravanea madagascariensis var. monticola
1 Nov 2003    Roystonea hispaniola
1 May 2003    Canopy


1 May 2002    Palomar College Grounds
1 Mar 2001    Bob Burtscher, a Fellow You Should Know
18 Nov 2000    Howea forsteriana
1 Nov 1999    Soil
1 Jul 1999    Linospadix monostachya
1 Jul 1999    Butia capitata
1 Mar 1999    Chamaerops humilis
1 Nov 1998    Jubaea chilensis
1 Nov 1998    Chamaedorea - radicalis x seifrizii
1 Jan 1997    Livistonas