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Our View

In case you wanted to know, this is the view that our Palms and Cycads enjoy each day! 

You are looking over Pauma Valley, due north, at Mt. San Gorgonio, 11,499 feet elevation, which is snow-capped 5 months of the year providing us with a calendar-perfect picture.  On this day 02MAR2023 there is snow down to 1000 feet or lower at that location 60 miles away after several weeks of harsh 40°F weather and rain in Escondido. 

To the right, not shown, is Palomar Mountain at 5500 feet elevation, home of the Palomar Observatory.  Hidden behind Palomar is Mt. San Jacinto, 10,834 feet elevation, home of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and other delights.  Because we are at 1500 feet elevation, Palomar blocks that view but if we were only 300 feet higher we would see the tip of Mt. San Jacinto.