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Indian Rock ships plants except to Florida and overseas.  Our customers report that their plants arrive in great condition.  For least expense yet keeping the plant healthy, most soil is carefully removed and the plant is placed in moistened perlite (considered bare-root).  Upon receiving this package, the customer is advised to place each plant into a container of appropriate soil or to plant in the ground within 3 days.

Our low-cost pricing structure is set for customers loading and taking plants away.  The process of preparing a plant, securing it in a cardboard box and delivering it to a shipping concern like FedEx is arduous.  Our minimum purchase requirement is $250.   


PREPARATION COSTS, EXAMPLE                                                                                         

48 inch length box, which may be shortened to reduce shipping cost.  We stock ULine® 48" x 12" x 12" shipping boxes.  Sometimes we may need to have a longer box, and for that case we will create an appendage (lengthen it) using material from a stock box.  

During hot weather, we will schedule our delivery to FedEx on Monday, to arrive before the following weekend.  

  • by FedEx Ground, most economical; recent deliveries Escondido, CA to coastal NJ were promised 4 days, but took 2 days.
  • by FedEx Express Saver; typically about 3 days, this is advised during summer heat to avoid boxes kept on shipping docks.

Box, 48” x 12” x 12”        6.00       ; FedEx sometimes rounds up measurements by 1 inch, like 49” x 13” x 13”      

Shipping tape                  1.00

Perlite                              1.00

Labor                             20.00    ; $20.00 per hour, about 1 hour for 1-4 plants in the above box

Travel to FedEx             27.32    ; 22 miles round trip @ $0.56 per mile plus $15.00 for 45 minutes loading/driving

Preparation Total           $55.32 

For the above preparation costs, if more boxes are required or the plant is difficult to package then the box, tape, perlite and labor costs will be linearly increased.  The travel cost will not change.


Palm or Cycad                 250.00  

CA tax, .0775                   19.38    ; no tax for outside CA

Subtotal                            269.38

TOTAL COST                  $324.70 ;an example of total costs for a typical palm or low-cost cycad           



Prior to removing the plant from its container, we will prepare a data sheet with information received from you by phone.  We will then charge the preparation and plant costs because they are known.  Upon approval of this credit card charge, we will package the plant and take this package to FedEx.  We will present your credit card information along with our business identification to FedEx.  They will run your credit card number manually and provide us with a receipt.  When I return home I will scan this receipt and send a copy to you via email.  If this credit card data sheet is no longer needed, it will be destroyed.

Why is credit card information taken verbally by phone?  Credit card numbers should never appear on email messages.  We use a credit card reader by Square, Inc. to manually enter a credit card number to insure that the credit card transaction is protected.  FedEx likewise protects all credit card transactions.