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Indian Rock ships plants except to Florida and overseas.  Our customers report that their plants arrive in great condition.  For least expense yet keeping the plant healthy, most soil is carefully removed and the plant is placed in moistened perlite (considered bare-root).  Upon receiving this package, the customer is advised to place each plant into a container of appropriate soil or to plant in the ground within 3 days.   


PREPARATION COSTS                                                                                         

48 inch length box, which may be shortened to reduce shipping cost

Shipping on Monday is preferable, to arrive before the following weekend

  • by USPS Ground or FedEx Ground is most economical
  • by USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Express Saver; about 3 days, use this during summer heat

Box, 48” x 12” x 12”        6.00       ; USPS and FedEx generally round up measurements by 1 inch            

Shipping tape                  1.00

Perlite                               1.00

Labor                                 20.00    ; $20.00 per hour, about 1 hour for 1-4 plants in the above box

Travel to USPS/FedEx     27.32    ; 22 miles round trip @ $0.56 per mile

; plus $15.00 for 45 minutes loading/driving

Preparation Total           $55.32 



Palm or Cycad                 200.00  

CA tax, .0775                   15.50    ; no tax for outside CA

Subtotal                            215.50

TOTAL COST                     $270.82 ;an example of total costs for a typical palm or low-cost cycad           



Prior to breaking down the plant I will obtain from you by phone your credit card number to which I will charge the preparation costs and the plant cost because those costs are known.  Upon approval for this credit card charge, I will prepare the plant and take the package to USPS or FedEx.  For shipment to your location they will charge my account and provide me with a receipt.  When I return home I will charge this amount to your credit card (for the last time), scan the receipt and send a copy to you via email.  All records of your credit card will then be destroyed.