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We Ship!

Indian Rock ships plants except to Florida and overseas.  Our customers report that their plants arrive in great condition.  For least expense yet keeping the plant healthy, most soil outside the root base is carefully removed and the plant is placed in moistened perlite (considered bare-root).  Upon receiving this package, the customer is advised to place that plant into a container of appropriate soil or to plant in the ground within 3 days.

Our low-cost pricing structure is set for customers visiting our nursery and taking plants away.  The process of preparing a plant, securing it in a cardboard box and delivering it to a shipping concern like FedEx is arduous.  Our minimum purchase requirement is $250.  Compare and you will find that we have the lowest shipping costs.  

PREPARATION COSTS, EXAMPLE                                                                                         

We stock the Uline® 12" x 12" x 48" shipping box.  The cost of using a box larger than this will cost more.  Typically, a 15 gallon plant will fit in this box having a root base about 12” tall and plant height that is 36” tall.  In some cases, the top of a taller plant can be curled to fit.  A longer box will be used if necessary. 

During hot weather, we will schedule our delivery to FedEx on Monday, to arrive before the following weekend.

FedEx Ground is the most economical; recent deliveries from Escondido, CA to the east coast are typically 5 days.

PREPARATION COSTS                                                                                          

Shipping by FedEx Ground unless requested otherwise.

1 ea 12” x 12” x 48” box                9.00  ; Uline cost, with shipping, storage, handling; for medium plants


1 ea 12” x 12” x 60” box              15.00  ; Uline cost, with shipping, storage, handling; for tall plants

Perlite                                            2.00  ; minimum charge

Shipping tape                                3.00  ; minimum charge

Shipping paper                              2.00  ; minimum charge

Labor                                            20.00  ; $10. per hour per hour, typically 2 hours of time for medium plants

Travel to FedEx                            34.74  ; 22 miles round trip @ $0.67 (2024 Fed) per mile plus

                                                                 ; $20.00 for 45 minutes loading and driving time

Preparation cost, total               $76.74

Plant costs                                $250.00 ; example, Encephalartos natalensis 15 gal, 6.3”

TOTAL                                         $326.74 ; if a credit card is used, a 3.5% charge will be added.



Before using FedEx as the shipper, I will ask you to contact FedEx online to obtain your personal FedEx account number, then you will inform me of that account number.  Having this account will save you around 30%.

Prior to breaking down the plant I will obtain from you by phone your credit card information.  I will charge your credit card the preparation and plant costs because they are fairly known; a 3.5% charge will be added to defray this customer expense.  Upon approval for this credit card charge, I will prepare the plant and take the package to FedEx.  For shipment to your location I will present your FedEx account number, your name, address and telephone number along with our business identification to our local FedEx store.  They will run your account number and provide me with a receipt.  When I return home I will scan that receipt and send a copy to you via email.  Your credit card number and account number will either be destroyed or, at your request, placed in a secure location here for your next order.