Special Items

Modine Model #50 Heater for Greenhouse

Natural Gas Fired Unit, 40000 BTU

Intermittent Pilot ignition, 100% shut-off with continuous retry

Heavy Duty heater hanger assembly

115V, 1 phase, 60 cycle

Customer to provide thermostat, breaker panels, contactors, relays, etc.


Brand new, never used.  Original cost $701.00 (purchase papers available), Sell $250. FOB


Underground Feeder Wire

Are you considering building a GREENHOUSE?  Well, I have exactly what you need--electrical wire to power irrigation panels, zone valves, lights and fans.  You must not skimp on this.  As an electrical engineer for the past 35 years I am aware of insufficient amperage wire, leakage, insulation breakdown and other issues that can occur with low-cost wiring.  Let me point out the features of a 250' amount of high quality wire I have left over from our installation.  You would pay twice as much as this anywhere!

UF-B 6-3 w/ground

What this means:

6 gauge, 3 conductor, with ground, underground feeder (UF), for direct burial.  Can be used with 3-phase power for highest efficiency.  My panel is 50 amperes.  Wire of this nature is theoretically rated at 65 amperes but can be higher than 100 amperes for lower temperatures.  Bury this feeder wire 18" in the ground for invisible, safe, trouble-free power delivery to your greenhouse, cabin or home.

Note: Why do I need this heavy gauge wire?  If you attempt to use smaller gauge wire, the start current of the fan motors will be increased due to the voltage drop along the wire (because any induction motor draws more current when the input voltage is lower), thus the panel breakers may pop annoyingly even though the steady-state current might be 30 amperes and your breakers are rated at 50 amperes (but the surge current at start is >50 amperes).  Your electrician understands this perfectly.  This heavy duty wire is perfect for any greenhouse installation you can imagine.


Original cost $1500. + shipping from Texas for 1000 feet.  Current cost is much higher due to increased costs for copper.


Sell remaining 252 feet, perfect condition, on original wooden reel. 


$450. FOB




(blank plastic tags for pots, to identify the plant)


Do you need label stock for your thermal printer?  We have them, cheap!


6” x 1” White Potstake, 0.020” Styrene (square end up, pointed end into the pot soil)

1000 tags per roll, 5 rolls per box—5000 tags total

Retail $250.00 per box.  8 boxes available.

Sell for, 

$125.00 per box.  FOB

Will deliver in the San Diego area no charge for purchase of 8 boxes.