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Encephalartos SOLD

Encephalartos transvenosus Soutpansberg, 5.5”, 15 gal, $119./inch, $654.50.

Features that are obvious when comparing this Soutpansberg transvenosus to the regular transvenosus : 

  • The regular transvenosus usually has shiny, dark olive-green topside leaflets that are curved upwards. 

  • The Soutpansberg has satin, green-gray blend leaflets that tend to be 90 degrees to the rachis, with very little curve upwards.  Levin describes it as “leaflets line up in straight rows down the length of the very vertical leaves”.  He also states it has "overlapping leaflets with pungent teeth on their lower edges"; that feature was not apparent for this cycad (the only one we have had) but we assume that this feature will develop when it is planted in-the-ground and gains maturity.



Provenance: Purchased from Maurice Levin, Jurassic Garden, November 2017, 5 gallons, shifted to 15 gallons here at Indian Rock early 2018.




Encephalartos latifrons, 10.5" caudex width, 5” caudex height, 25 leaves, 20 gallon. $8000.  

=>This was the most magnificent cycad we have ever had at Indian Rock.  It was SOLD!  

Important points: 

  • Provenance:  This cycad began with Dick Johnson, renown cycad collector, obtained from him as a 1" caudex (probably 5 years old then).  Grown in Redlands in loam soil for 23 years, with 95° F average summer temperature, 26° F in the winter, occasionally 22° F.  Absolutely unfazed by cold.
  • Dug May 2021, no roots were harmed, placed directly into Graeme Fairlie soil, completely hooked up and robust within 6 months.
  • The E. latifrons is ranked in the top 3 of all cycads, the hirsutus, heenanii and latifrons.

What the buyer said:

The buyer, already owning 4 latifrons which grow so very slowly, recognized that the value of this 10.5" latifrons was $10,500. and was motivated by its selling price of $8000,  He gave us his reasons for buying it (and there is nothing better than hearing this message from a buyer).  He said that the story with the latifrons is always the same,

  • larger ones, like 8” and larger, are never sold, one cannot get the person to let it go
  • smaller ones are available but they are overpriced