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Personal Collection

These are rare and special cycads we have collected over the years. They are not grown in our configured plots like the 150 Patch or 300 Patch that are readily accessible and tillable but are grown in areas around our home for presentation.  Most are approaching 20 years old and have grown large.  Their size and placement on our property allows the buyer to see how they may look in their home setting. 

The cost of digging these cycads and potential use of equipment is to be negotiated. 

These cycads are not discounted.


Note!  This is a special palm that is being presented for the first time.  Check your sources and see if you can find this palm elsewhere that compares point-by-point; size, health, and price.

Dypsis decipiens, 7.5" trunk base, 3' trunk height, 7' tall. Vestigial foot at base no longer there.  Photo 8FEB2023.

Value $2400.  Sell for $1750. in a container  This palm will be dug, placed into a 20 gallon container but not sold until it is fully hooked up and its health is assured.       

Provenance: Obtained from a local dealer 1997, 5-gallon size and planted in the ground.  This palm is at least 24 years old.  This palm has done well in its location, on the east side of our home insuring warm direct sun in the morning but bright indirect sun in the afternoon.  Many palms and tender cycads prefer this level of light to achieve blemish-free, perfect leaves. The ground has a slight downgrade to insure good drainage.  This palm was given measured drip irrigation over this period with 20-20-20 water-soluble fertilizer which has resulted in strong leaves and healthy root structure.


Encephalartos bubalinus, in-ground, 10” caudex width, 40” tall, about 13 years old.  This cycad can be easily dug and transported to a new site.  SOLD!


Provenance: Obtained from Douglas Atwater, hobbyist collector, Feb2011, large liner, 1.5+” caudex, at a cost of $100. This was somewhat costly however rare and an appropriate value.

The distinguishing feature of this cycad is the tightly placed, cupped leaflets that are overlapped.

This cycad is my favorite of all 90 cycads I have personally collected and planted in-ground.



Encephalartos natalensis x Encephalartos woodii F2, in-ground, 17” caudex width, 32” caudex height, 108” leaf height.  SOLD!

This is an F2 filial generation woodii.  A highly favored green Encephalartos.

It features wide, cupped leaflets of the natalensis and deep green color of the woodii.  This is truly a specimen plant.